Terms, Policies & Agreements

These terms & policies explain our legal relationship with you.


The Vision for the integration of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into Faria's services is as follows:

  1. To commit to advancing education by integrating transformative technologies throughout our platforms in a consistent way
  2. To promote the ethical use of GenAI through designs that maximize AI's utility while also ensuring responsible use
  3. To offer GenAI services with better transparency, intentionality, and personalization than our competition
  4. To establish trust by utilizing focus groups and feedback sessions to inform product development and prioritization
  5. To supercharge customer support by enabling more productive agent problem-solving with GenAI technologies.

Faria is therefore committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all its employees, contractors, partners and customers, including our responsible use of generative AI tooling. This Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) outlines the guidelines and principles that employees and the organization need to follow when using generative AI capabilities. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Faria's employees use generative AI systems in a manner that is consistent with the organization's Founding Principles. This policy applies to all employees at Faria who use generative AI systems for their roles and responsibilities. By following this policy, we will aim to ensure that generative AI tooling remains a valuable capability for designing, developing and building solutions for our employees, contractors, partners and customers, whilst ensuring the ways in which we service our customers with generative AI are secure and in-line with Faria’s Information Security Policy.

Acceptable Terms of Use at Faria

  • The use of generative AI tooling should be limited to business-related purposes and in line with the values of the organization.
  • All assets created through the use of generative AI systems must be professional and respectful. Employees should avoid using offensive or abusive language and should refrain from engaging in any behavior that could be considered discriminatory, harassing, or biased when applying generative techniques.
  • Employees must not share any confidential or sensitive information with generative AI tooling, including but not limited to sensitive information, passwords, certificates, personally identifiable information (PII), asset names, secrets and tokens.
  • Employees must protect their login credentials and ensure that their generative tooling accounts are not accessible to unauthorized individuals.
  • Generative AI systems must be used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including data protection, privacy laws, geographical restrictions and Faria’s Information Security Policy.
  • An AI Ethics Team has been created to review and address any questions and issues raised by employees, contractors, partners or customers in regards to generative AI usage.

Employee Responsibility for AI

  • Employees are responsible for ensuring that they, and their contractors, partners and customers, use generative AI in compliance with this Acceptable Usage Policy and any other relevant policies or procedures.
  • Employees are responsible for ensuring that there is always human involvement when setting up using generative AI tooling, and for the receipt and analysis of data and outputs generated by the AI tooling.
  • All employees must be aware of their responsibilities for protecting confidential and sensitive information and must take all necessary steps to safeguard the privacy and security of this information when using generative AI tooling.
  • Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their teams are aware of and comply with this policy. They must report any violations of this policy, for example those relating to partners and customers, to the respective SVP/VP, and to the Legal & Compliance Officer.
  • Faria’s Leadership Team is responsible for agreeing and documenting an approved list of generative AI systems to ensure that only authorized applications of these technology capabilities are applied by the business.
  • Faria’s Legal & Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that generative AI tooling is being used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including data protection, privacy laws and geographical restrictions.
  • Employees will identify generative AI when it has been used for public communications and custom-facing content. (see Appendix 4 for guidance)

Faria Responsibility to Customers

  • Any generative AI incorporated in Faria products will be vetted against discriminatory, biased, or harassing behavior.
  • Any generative AI incorporated in Faria products is to benefit and support our customer’s work in education, it is not to replace anyone or anything.
  • Faria is not responsible for the output of the generative AI, but will do its best to limit the output to educational needs.
  • Faria will provide visibility of any AI created content, to our customers.
  • Faria will allow customers to opt in to generative AI; customers won’t be forced to use or adopt generative AI in any of our platforms.
  • Faria will state when AI has been used in our content creation.

How AI Won’t Be Used at Faria

  • Faria will never reenact someone by using generative AI, without their explicit consent.
  • Faria will never use generative AI to create any content that is illegal, discriminatory, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or inappropriate to our employees, contractors, partners and customers.
  • Faria will never use generative AI to harass, bully, intimidate, or discriminate against other employees or external parties.
  • Faria will never use AI:
    • To share confidential or sensitive information with unauthorized individuals, including external parties that provide generative AI services.
    • To engage in any activity that could compromise the security or integrity of the business using generative AI systems, including attempting to open up access to unauthorized data sets and systems.
    • To violate any applicable laws or regulations, including data protection, intellectual property, privacy laws or geographical restrictions.

Faria's People Operations Team is responsible for handling any complaints related to violations of this policy insofar as incidents of harassment, discrimination, or bias that are raised by employees, contractors. The Anti-Harassment Policy and the Complaint Procedure will be used to this end. Any complaints received relating to partners or customers will be escalated to the VP and Legal & Compliance, in the first instance.

This policy will be reviewed annually, however; Faria reserves the right to modify, change or update the policy at any time.