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All-in-one learning platform for multi-curricula schools.


School admissions, advancement and CRM.


Activities bookings, billing and transport.

Online Courses

Full 2 year IB-approved DP courses.


Revision courses, tutoring and study content.

Curriculum Planning

Plan, manage and analyze curriculum and lessons.

Faria Education Group is the trusted partner of 10,000+ schools and 4 million students in 155 countries worldwide. A leader in international education systems and services, Faria offers integrated support across all aspects of curriculum management, teaching and learning, admissions, school-to-home, online courses, revision and professional development. With rigorous standards for data protection and security, first-class training and support, and an unwavering commitment to innovation, Faria’s technology suite is built for the modern international school.

One unified family experience.

FariaOne combines selected systems into one integrated technology suite, doing away with clunky divisions. Explore FariaOne School OS and learn how you can replace an average of three silo systems with one unified family experience.