Hello, we are Faria Education Group

Faria was founded in 2006 to transition schools from paper onto a curriculum-focused learning platform. Today, Faria powers the over 10,000 schools & districts and 3 million students with a suite of 5 services.

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Our Core Principles

We are customer-focused, driving output and efficiency – onwards and upward.

We deliver efficiency.

We measure our success by the amount of time saved and paperwork eliminated.

We don’t nickel and dime.

Our competitors love charging fees for setup, online training, maintenance and upgrades. We do not. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. We operate transparently.

Software should be affordable.

Which is why our service is priced reasonably with no server required.

Great service matters.

We take our responsibility seriously. We pride ourselves on our fast e-mail replies and 24/7 accessibility. Whether you are in Hong Kong, Geneva or New York, we are awake when you are.

Our schools are our investors.

They fund our development by paying for our service and by providing us with new ideas. We answer to them.

We are patient long-term builders.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” We work hard to build great software and to exceed expectations.

How do we work?

Caring about the right things

For most technology companies, there is a sea of noise drowning out signal: PR, fundraising and vanity metrics are often mis-interpreted in place of true success metrics. Signal for us means customer success with well-designed products and a strong, effective and long-term oriented team.

We are a Thoroughbred Horse, rather than a Unicorn: Unicorns vs. Horses


3Rs: Resilience, Resourcefulness & Responsibility

These 3Rs are essential for a global software company. Our multi-disciplinary team works across our 9 offices, with further colleagues working remotely from 8 additional cities. Remote culture builds accountability towards results and guarantees excellence in service through 24/6 support coverage. While a diversity of nationalities and time-zone differences can create short-term challenges, we believe it provides the best long-term structure to serve customers.

Knowledge & Experience

When you join a company outside of salary & bonus remuneration, you gain experience in seeing things done both right & wrong. You see how products are shipped, how mistakes & challenges are addressed, how initiatives & new product development occurs. Over time through observation, you learn processes, systems and benchmarks for service levels & costs – collectively our way of doing things.

Historically within SaaS globally, we are in the top 1% efficiency category across annualised churn, CLTV / CAC and product ROIC with a combined ratio that has consistently exceeded 100% annually.


Market Selection & Product Development Process

Certain companies are built by accident – an idea on a napkin, a nagging problem. Our process for market selection and product development is deliberate and filtered against the ​Faria Success Metrics​ inspired by SoftBank.

Our Key Milestones

Still Growing Strong after 13 Years!

We have grown rapidly from 27 customer schools in 2007 to over 10,000 at year-end 2019.

Global offices

Number of FTEs



Employee Turnover

Average years at the company

Faria Education Group is an equal opportunity employer, we’re united by our core principles, and we celebrate our unique differences. What kind of people work at our company? All kinds!

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  • Performance-based Bonus
  • Equipment (The latest Apple hardware)
  • Extensive Travel
  • Monthly Health & Wellness stipend
  • Professional Development & unlimited books budget
  • Global Health & Travel Insurance


Adapted from Softbank Masayoshi Son’s Success Factors

A: Passion We must love the business and wake up excited every day to go to work. We must believe that the passion will be there in 10-20 years.

B: Blue Ocean Wave There must be a ten-year tail wind of secular compound growth within the market and strong rational reasons supporting the market growth i.e. not growth resulting from short-term government policy or market distortions, but from healthy and sustainable development with sound logic & customer success.

C: Global Scale Leader Within ten years, there must be the potential for the company to be a global scale market leader.

D: Build & Stack There must be a natural opportunity to grow through building extensions from the core product i.e. the first product must function as the root of the tree with branches developing over time.

E: Staircase The business should have strong recurring revenue with minimal churn. It should not be possible to fall backwards over time even if growth slows, the past progress should serve as a floor.

F: Sustainable Competitive Advantage There should be a competitive advantage in the business that will increase over time e.g. limited competition, network effects, cost scale advantages, etc.