Terms, Policies & Agreements

These terms & policies explain our legal relationship with you in relation to Pamoja Online Courses and Pamoja Lesson Suite for Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level.

The terms & policies for Pamoja Lesson Suite for IB DP can be found here.

Services Addendum

  1. Specification for Services
  1. All Pamoja Online Courses and Pamoja Learning Suite for CAIE courses shall be agreed by the Parties in writing or via the online registration system.
  2. The Customer must ensure that the Supplier is notified with thirty (30) days’ notice if after the drop date (if applicable), any enrolled student has the intention to terminate the continuation of the course for any reason.
  1. Measurement of Performance (Pamoja Online Course Only)
  1. The Supplier shall monitor and report to the Customer, via the Pamoja online platform, on the attainment and progress of each student, at intervals listed in the Academic Calendar on the Supplier’s website.
  2. The Customer shall actively monitor and notify the Supplier of any issue or concern which may arise during the Term of the Agreement, via School Services.
  1. Permitted changes / alterations to Services
  1. The online course provided by the Supplier shall be adapted on a regular basis in order to align with any changes made by the Examining Body from time to time. Such changes will be communicated from the Supplier to the Customer in advance of each academic year via the Supplier’s website
  1. Course Delivery
  1. The Supplier shall endeavour to deliver courses in which students have been enrolled but reserves the right to withdraw a course if fewer than eight (8) students in total are enrolled in the course. (Pamoja Online Course only)
  2. The Supplier may also withdraw a course in the unlikely event that:
    1. Both the assigned teacher and substitute teacher become unavailable and a replacement teacher cannot be found (Pamoja Online Courses only); or,
    2. Approval for the course is withheld or withdrawn by the Examination Body