Faria Leadership Team

Gary Hector

Product Director
Gary Hector is the Product Director and Co-Founder of the SchoolsBuddy product and serves as a Director of EveryBuddy Ltd.

Gary oversees the R&D of the SchoolsBuddy product. Gary along with David Higginson, Co-Founded SchoolsBuddy in 2013 and was Managing Director of EveryBuddy Ltd before Faria’s acquisition in Dec 2019. Gary helps direct support and training for SchoolsBuddy and enjoys regular communications with customers to ensure SchoolsBuddy is continuously improving. More recently Gary has become heavily involved with driving SchoolsBuddy integration with other Faria products to ensure market leading value for schools.

Gary has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and since completing his B.A. (Hons) in Computing & Information Systems in the 1990’s, he has helped grow and develop various businesses.