Cambridge IGCSE



17 Units 124 Lessons 2 Years

Course available from September 2020, for first exams in June 2022. 

Course Structure

Year 1

  • The basic economic problem
  • Allocation of resources
  • Microeconomic decisions
  • Government and the macroeconomy


Year 2

  • Government and the macroeconomy (continued)
  • Economic development
  • International trade and globalisation

In each year there is also time for revision and trial examinations.


Activities and assessments

The course includes the following activities: readings and case studies on current topics, quizzes, self-assessments and marked written assignments. Teachers will review and grade assignments during the course. There are also unit discussions to support students with each topic.

The final examinations for students on this course consist of 2 externally-assessed papers, covering:

  • Paper 1 – 45 minutes, 30%, Multiple choice
  • Paper 2 – 2 hours 15 minutes, 70%, Structured and essay questions


Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed in IGCSE Economics, we recommend students set aside five to six hours a week to study. It is important that students regularly keep up with the readings and the course activities in a timely manner. And that they contact their Pamoja teacher if they fall behind or need help with assignments.

Benefits to students

Taking IGCSE Economics will enable students to:

  • become experienced in a wide range of technical and social tools
  • develop skills like time management, communication and digital literacy
  • develop analysis skills that can be applied to issues in everyday life

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Year 1


Year 2


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Hodder Education eTextbook

This course is dependent on student etextbooks provided by Hodder Education and hosted on the Dynamic Learning platform. Please ensure you check the Hodder Dynamic Learning guidance to ensure your systems are able to access this service. This service is provided as part of the Pamoja course fee - find out more.

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