IB Diploma

Film SL

17 Units 183 Lessons 2 Years

Course structure

The course covers the following topics:

Year 1

  • Course Overview
  • The Magic Lantern
  • There Was This Guy
  • The Dark Side
  • A Funny Thing Happened
  • Single Vision
  • Lenses of Truth
  • We’ve Got Rhythm
  • Shafts of Light


Year 2

  • Shafts of Light
  • ME Watching You
  • Breaking all the Rules
  • The Human Heart
  • This Town Ain’t Big Enough
  • A New Set of Eyes
  • To the Stars
  • Final Take


What is different in taking Film SL online?

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • choose an art class that may not be offered at their school
  • study alongside students from around the world
  • exchange ideas with people from very different backgrounds
  • use technology much more than in a face-to-face environment, especially in their communication tools
  • add flexibility to their timetable


Activities and assessment

Every activity has its own assessment rubric. Students may create a one-minute video without dialogue that includes at least two characters and a dinner table; create a Twilight Zone film where a character transitions between different places and time periods that are unconnected in reality; recreate a scene from a favourite film; film the same location twice (the second time light and design the location to recreate a place typical of a chosen genre of film); record an analysis of how film language creates meaning in a five-minute extract from a film; create a storyboard; or create a map showing camera placement, lighting, and actor movement in a scene.


Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed, we recommend students set aside five to six hours a week.

Students will need a video camera or DSLR that has manual focus, a sturdy tripod and editing software such as iMovie, Final Cut or Premiere, as basic requirements. A lighting kit and recording device (handheld or microphone) would be excellent additions.

Benefits to students

Taking Film SL online will enable students to:

  • enhance their passion for the subject
  • deepen their understanding of the how and why of filmmaking
  • develop intercultural understanding which is sought by the world’s top universities
  • develop 21st century skills like time management, communication and digital literacy which are much in demand by employers

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Year 1


Year 2


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Pilot the Pamoja Online Course for up to four weeks from the day the course commences.

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