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FariaOne School OS for learning, admissions, school-to-home, courses & study
FariaOne School OS

Service Overview

Faria provides an integrated technology suite spanning Admissions Management, Learning & Teaching, and Activities Management & Online Payments for over 3000 leading international schools in 120 countries.

Key Benefits

One combined suite with best-in-class systems

One unified family experience for your school community

One location to manage your data

One replacement for your SIS

One 24x7 global support team one phone call away

One commercial relationship (with consultancy)

One EdTech solutions consultant assigned to your school

School OS

Our best-of-breed Cloud systems built for the modern international school:

Learning Platform designed for multi-curricula international schools with global curriculum support 


Admissions management & CRM supporting the applicant from discovery & enquiry to admissions & enrolment.

School-to-Home system for activities, bookings, billing, transport & more!

Extend beyond Systems with over 30+ module add-ons & integrations including:

FariaOne school OS extend beyond systems with Pamoja, OSC Study, turnitin, Google, FINALSITE, zoom and more
& more

FariaOne School OS for learning, admissions, school-to-home, courses & study

Admissions Challenges

Collating enquiry data and tracking enquiry engagement needs to be an automated, time efficient process.
Find solution Online enquiry and application forms are collated automatically in OpenApply. Parents receive personalised emails, reducing the manual work for admissions teams.
Event and admissions management systems should be combined to have a seamless parent  experience and create precise and  accurate data parent experience.
Find solution Parents can see pre-set time slots to book Tours and Open Days in the same place where they enquire and apply. The school can more accurately capture the number of event registrations.

Parents need visibility on what forms and additional documents they need to complete. Schools need automated tracking, processing, and chasing for their forms and documents.

Find solution Automated Checklists are segmented by year level, application status, and custom criteria, providing clarity for parents on what is outstanding during each step of the journey. Automated incomplete checklist reminders allow schools to spend less time on chasing forms and documents.

Sharing information for review internally, references from previous schools and collating internal feedback should be consolidated and easily traceable to allow full visibility for all staff involved.

Find solution
The Online Applicant Review is a consolidated interface that provides reviewers easy access and navigation. Automated reviewer allocation keeps all relevant staff up to date and gives admissions full visibility on review progress.

Information provided during the admissions process often changes. Parents need a way to easily verify and update their information.

Find solution
Data that has already been provided pre-populates on subsequent forms, allowing families to simply verify or update their information throughout the process and on the Enrolment Form.

Re-enrolment processes need to be efficient and streamlined with ease of use for current parents and feedback collection for the school.
Find solution Parents give their Re-Enrolment decision and verify, update, or provide information in the same action, for all siblings at once. Schools can track re-enrolment progress and available seats per year level in real time.

Learning Challenges

Students want to access one platform for all their deadlines & assignments.

Find solutionManageBac’s dedicated student app with Android, iOS, and web browser access allows students to view all deadlines and upload submissions in one place on their personal calendar.

Teachers want to plan curriculum, assess & report in one place with ease-of-use and simplicity.

Find solutionWith one login teachers can access collaborative curriculum aligned unit planning, create flexible assessments and send communication to students and their families as well as mark attendance, record behaviour notes and annotate coursework.

Assessment options must be flexible and support subject-specific requirements.

Find solutionManageBac supports teachers with flexible assessments in the form of points, grades, subject specific criteria, binary feedback and comments.

Coursework, feedback and goal setting should feed into building student portfolios.

Find solutionStudents gradually build a digital portfolio over time, tracking the progression of a student’s learner profile attributes and ATL skills through their learning goals and submitted work. Portfolios can be exported as PDFs or synced to our partners when taking the next step in your students’ learning journey.

IB Diploma Programme workflows for exam registration, coursework moderation and accreditation planning should be embedded.

Find solution Streamline exam registration with direct IBIS integration for anticipated, course and full Diploma candidates. Create personalised exam calendars with proctors, room locations and times. Bulk create PDF plan worksheets with one click.

Integrations with important tools like TurnItIn, Google , Zoom and AssessPrep.

Find solution ManageBac lets you keep a check on plagiarism with a direct integration with Turnitin. Start your online lessons in one click with our Zoom integration. Simplify your login via single sign-on with Google and use GoogleDocs templates for assessment submissions.Create, monitor and grade your online assessments via 2-way integration with AssessPrep.

Student attendance tracking and managing custom timetables for each class, staff member and student.

Find solution Mark and manage daily homeroom and class attendance for the students with customised categories. Parents have the ability to submit attendance excusals, view real-time attendance data and timetable of their children all in one place. ManageBac handles custom timetables for each grade level and supports both weekly and rotation day schedules for the schools.

School-to-Home Challenges

Time management - allocating activities to students needs to be a quick and efficient process.

Find solutionSchoolsBuddy’s Activities management functionality can allocate your whole school’s after school activities and sports programme, no matter how complex, in under 30 seconds with a single click.

Tracking payments - tracking, chasing and reporting payments should be handled by one system.

Find solutionWith Micro Billing and Payments, parents can easily use one-click payments while schools have a dashboard to track incoming payments, issue invoices, and give parents refunds.

Paper consent forms - utilising a parent consent process that allows for ease of tracking and follow up.

Find solutionOnline parent consent is easily visible on the parent portal allowing effective tracking of consent for trips, sports tournaments, and other events.

Registers and attendance - each activity within a programme, sports fixture or method of transport requires a separate attendance register to be generated.

Find solutionAttendance registers include vital information for staff that assists them with taking efficient attendance. The attendance registers in SchoolsBuddy are easily accessed on each staff member’s personalised diary.

Effective communications -parent messaging needs to be streamlined and targeted to the relevant audience.

Find solutionSchool communications are made easy with push notifications and the ability to send a message to groups and sections of the school.

Organising parent teacher conferences - parents and teachers need a simple system that automatically generates classes and avoids time clashes.

Find solutionCreate parent teacher conferences within minutes by importing subject classes, teachers, and students. Parents can easily book sessions while staff members can manage their schedules.

Transport - transport change requests must follow a structured procedure, be easy to use for parents and have a smooth communication flow.

Find solutionManage parent transport change requests with ease while dynamic lists adjust to account for attendance at other activities.

Find out how FariaOne can provide the solutions to your school’s challenges.

Community Resources

Tech Director’s Community

Faria recently hosted its first ever Technology Conference to support best practices and facilitate connections within the International School Tech Leadership Community.

Resource Library

We have filled our free resource library with guides to ManageBac, case studies, professional development resources, school resources for your IB classrooms, and more.

APIs and Beyond

Consider how to utilize data to automate functionality and make all aspects of a school more efficient. How to utilize the ManageBac API to keep a robust system? How to integrate between systems? How to track data and report development with a LRS and ManageBac? How to go beyond the API and automate functionality?

Is your Data safe? A simple guide to Data Protection within a Remote Learning environment

Within this ever evolving world of digital learning, remote classrooms, online environments it has never been more important to understand what is happening to your data, and is it safe? This session will discuss some of the points needed to remain compliant in the UK post Brexit, In the EU post Schrems II and in the US with no Privacy shield. Join Perry Perrott, Global Head of Compliance and Group Data Protection Officer for some insights into this complex but important topic.

The Move to Online: Two Projects and their Aftermath

The Online Help Desk system was put into place, and separately, the Online Parent Teacher Conference. The former was used widely but fell out of favor as soon as we moved back to face-to-face. Meanwhile, the latter is considered to now be the gold standard on how to continue to do it, even in a post-pandemic world.

Managing Data: The Tapestry of Covid-19 Admissions

Covid-19 has brought about necessary and demanding change in just about every facet of life. International school admissions has clearly been impacted with the constantly woven tapestry of on-campus learning, remote learning for students outside the school’s country, remote learning for all students, and more. In order to continue running a professional and timely admissions flow, managing data is vital. In this session, I will share some tips and tricks with how OIS leveraged OpenApply to keep admissions flowing and manage data with our remote learners.

Gamification: Tap into Motivation with a Data-driven Approach

Data can be an amazing source of motivation! Sometimes deciding what data to collect is important, but more often it is the way that the data is processed and communicated that can have an even stronger effect on motivation. Gamification used together with effective information can change your Data system from just observing performance and reporting on it to actually being a source of motivation and improvement!

Technology. . . . It's about People

When building a development plan to promote and invest in effective use of technology there is always much emphasis on having the right platforms, with integration and Single Sign On etc., which of course is of high value, however, schools often overlook having the correct human resources and support structures in place without which many initiatives are not as successful as they could be. Join Lee Drury in a session sharing some thoughts on technology governance and staffing provision in schools.