Build-your-own Curriculum Learning Platform

Designed for the modern school.
  • All-in-one curriculum planning, assessment, and report cards for multi-curricula schools
  • Supporting all major curricula including Cambridge, Edexcel and U.S. Curriculum with the flexibility for schools to design their own curriculum
  • Integrated remote learning and communications to support learning in different settings

Supported Curriculum Programs and Build-Your-Own

Turnkey Design

Built from the ground up to support multi-curricula schools, Build-your-own Curriculum extends our learning platforms beyond any set of programs by providing curriculum-agnostic features to support your Curriculum Design, Teaching & Learning, and Assessment & Reporting processes. Over 600 sets of academic & accreditation standards are available in our system for you to craft the program that reflects your school’s mission and values.

Designed for Multi-Curricula Schools

AtlasNext provides an ideal solution for schools seeking to:

  • Provide systematic support for your curriculum pathway (e.g. Advanced Placement, Cambridge Primary, and IGCSEs to name a few).
  • Offer a combination of National and International Curriculum for dual-curricula schools
  • Build your school’s unique curriculum, drawing from different standards and based on the foundation of the school’s mission and values
  • Consolidate learning platforms across the whole-school in order to provide a Unified Family Experience
  • Manage joint-accreditation frameworks including CIS, WASC, NEASC and/or local requirements

Cambridge Curriculum

American & National Curriculum


Collaboratively plan your curriculum with real-time unit planners, integrating assessment and learning experiences with a flexible unit template editor and the world’s largest collection of academic standards & benchmarks.

Collaborative Curriculum Planning

Collaboratively create, edit and share unit planners across year levels in real-time.

See the Big Picture

Browse whole-school curriculum and analytics to track coverage of concepts and skills.


Embed notes, files, photos, videos, and websites with our drag & drop Stream & Resources.

Read our blog on the benefits of Unit Planning and ways to get started now.

Unit Planner

The unit planner allows you to collaboratively organize and plan your curriculum with resources.

Fonts & Icons

more readable with visual cues

Online Presence

to indicate when colleagues are online

Real-Time Editing

to allow for collaborative planning

In-Line Editing

to improve context and ease-of-use


to support meaningful reflection throughout the cycle


to align and link assessment tasks & learning experiences


customizable background headers to reflect your unit

Academic Standards & Curriculum Updates

ManageBac has over 600 sets of built-in academic & accreditation standards and benchmarks for our schools comprising the world’s largest indexed collection of over 1.5 million fully-licensed academic standards.

Teaching & Learning

With a unique approach and design, AtlasNext supports effective implementation of your chosen curricula:

  • Collaboratively plan your curriculum using flexible unit planners
  • Robust and visual curriculum analytics powering a reflective curriculum review process
  • Manage lessons, Service Learning and PBL aligned to your curriculum goals
  • Integrated assessment & reporting with customizable report cards
  • Improve school-to-home communication with students & parents


Staff can view events, tasks, deadlines, exams, and entire calendars by cohort year, individual class, or activity group (i.e. Basketball Club). Students also have access to their own calendar, which is populated with their associated items and updated in real-time.


Create summative and formative tasks linked to units, custom categories, and resources with support for differentiation. Allow for student uploads and plagiarism checking with our Turnitin integration.

Integrated with

Supported file types

  • Website or Video
  • GDocs
  • Files (PDF, PPT, DOC, TXT)
  • Photo
  • Note


Teachers record class attendance based on the configured preferences (i.e. weekdays and rotation-based, categories, days off). Admins can manage attendance by student, class, or curriculum and set daily digests, send reminders to teachers, and absences to parents.


As a teacher or administrator, you can view assignment, deadlines, exams, and entire class calendars by year, group (such as Basketball or Drama Club), or by individual class. Students also get a real-time view of their term as calendar items are synced as soon as they are added by their instructors.


Communicate with teachers and students within cohort years, classes, and groups. Provide individual student feedback on tasks, which is also visible to their parents to track progress throughout the term.

Remote Learning

Teachers can schedule virtual class time with our built-on Zoom integration or other video conferencing tools. Any online lesson will appear in students’ calendars, as well as their class stream. Additionally, our built-in Presentation Mode allows teachers to present and screen-share learning materials during online lessons, directly from the Class Stream.

Remote Learning

Bring your curriculum to life with a unified remote learning platform on AtlasNext with built-in Zoom, AssessPrep, and Chat integrations.

Three pillars supported by PD & best practices:

Teaching & Learning
Seamless Online Lesson Delivery with and

Whole-school communication with

Student & Teacher Engagement
Engagement analytics and automated reminders with weekly digests

Learn More About Integrated Remote Learning

Summative Assessment

Formative Assessment

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Long Answer

Fill Text Question Types

Auto Correctable Questions






Table / Chart

  • Online Exams

    Securely manage remote Examinations

    Faster, more reliable and natural vs. handwriting

    Online and Offline exams delivery, powerful analytics, and built-in syllabus topics

  • Synchronous + Live

    Delivery assessments within a live, synchronous online lesson

    Ability to monitor the students visually during remote testing using online meeting platforms

  • Flipped Classroom

    Assign assessments for students to complete asychronously

Learn more about AssessPrep

Centralize Whole-School Communication

Designed to support whole-school communication with remote learning in mind. Channel membership is provisioned and managed automatically based on Class & Year group enrollment as well as Teacher & Advisor relationships.

Improving Collaboration for Remote Learning

Teaching & Learning to support Staff communication, Teaching & Advisory relationships (e.g. Subject Teachers, SL or PBL Advisors) and School Office for Administrative contacts.

Provide Social & Emotional Support

Allow students to express themselves to their classmates and advisors by sharing how they are feeling via text or through the use of emojis.

Enhance School-to-Home Communication

Streamline parent communications to provide a Unified Family Experience.

Online Lesson & Presentation Mode

Schedule your virtual lesson using your video conferencing tool or take advantage of our built-in Zoom integration. Start the lesson with one-click from your calendar or your unit’s Stream.


Students gradually build a digital portfolio over time as they submit coursework into their classes for individual assessments. Track the progression of a student’s core values and focus area through their learning goals and submitted work. All submitted work is automatically grouped into subjects with learning goals. Portfolios can be exported as PDFs or synced to our partners when taking the next step in your students’ learning journey.

Assessment & Reporting

Tailored for the unique need of independent schools, our systems provide customizable gradebooks, built-in assessment and annotation tools, as well as integrations with Google Docs for coursework submission and TurnItIn for plagiarism prevention.


Submit individual task and term assessments by points and anecdotal feedback with customized category weightings and grade boundaries. Create term rubrics for all or specific subjects. Administrators can track in real-time the progress of term grade submissions by subject or student.

Google Docs

In less than 3 clicks, teachers can link, assign, and distribute a Google Doc template to their entire class. For students, this provides one-click access to their GDocs editor with the coursework template pre-loaded, and automatically saves the submitted GDoc to their portfolio with all marks and annotations preserved for future reference.

Our Turnitin integration allows student coursework to be automatically submitted through Turnitin prior to grading in order to improve student writing, empower original thinking, and prevent plagiarism. Access all Feedback Studio features directly from within AtlasNext.


Vantage Reader is a built-in tool for all marking and annotation of submitted coursework. Designed to be collaborative, multiple authors can comment and annotate individual assignments in parallel - Just like in Google Docs.

6 Annotation styles


Sticky Note

Text Box




Report Cards

Customizable report card templates to match your curricula.

Customizable report card templates that are seamlessly integrated with homeroom, class gradebooks and attendance. Include a cover letter with signatures, summary of achievement, class reports, advisor and student reflections, attendance, extra-curricular activities, and grade & rubric descriptions. Generate reports in bulk as print-ready, PDFs which can also be distributed securely to parents and students online.


Provide students & families with a consistent, modern and intuitive user experience from initial inquiry to enrollment and school life & beyond.

Teaching & Learning

Our core teaching and learning offering improves the classroom experience for teachers and students with curriculum planning, assessment and reporting, and academic management.

Admissions & enrollment

OpenApply, our School Admissions Management System, is integrated with AtlasNext and supports your entire family throughout the admissions and enrollment process. Streamline family information updates, confirm re-enrolment, and complete the application process for siblings all in one place.


Streamlined communications & notifications support the school-to-home experience as well as increase student and teacher engagement.

Activities & Payments

SchoolsBuddy, our Extra-Curricular and Activities Management System, is integrated with AtlasNext and allows schools to easily book & manage activities and parent-teacher conferences alongside an advanced payments solution supporting student life beyond the classroom.

School Resources

Download these C1-specific resources to support you and your school with the transition to AtlasNext:

Sample Student Portfolio

View our sample Portfolio to see how Student Portfolios can be generated in ManageBac.

Sample IGCSE + AP Report Card

Our sample student report card shows how they are designed to include a customisable cover letter, summary of achievements, attendance records, reflections, and more.

Sample Unit Planner

Preview the experience of Plan, Design & Implement, and Reflect for each unit of inquiry using the ManageBac unit planner.

Atlas Classic

A comprehensive curriculum mapping system for Public Schools and Districts

Atlas is the leading curriculum planning platform designed to meet your schools needs for customized planning, detailed reporting & analytics. With Atlas, school’s around the world initiate, revamp, and continuously refine and improve their curriculum development process in one unified system. As the trusted choice for over 6,000 schools in 130 countries, Atlas offers a seamless and integrated experience for teachers, administrators, and curriculum writers.