Approach & Design

Our curriculum-first approach & design means that we can support effective implementation by designing with Standards & Practices in mind.

Having ‘best-practice’ process & workflows refined through our experience working with over 3,000 schools along with a turnkey curriculum and assessment architecture, means less time spent on setup and configuration, and more time on coordination, teaching, and learning.

  • Diploma

  • Career-Related

  • Middle Years

  • Primary Years

  • Cambridge

  • Advanced Placement

  • Curriculum First

  • Mobile

Integrated Learning Platform
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Integrated Learning Platform

By combining curriculum planning, assessment, reporting and attendance into one unified platform with a consistent, modern and mobile-ready interface, ManageBac provides a seamless & integrated experience for coordinators, teachers, students and parents.

Baseline Features

  • Curriculum Planning Curriculum Planning
  • Flexible Unit Builder Flexible Unit Builder
  • Academic & Acreditation Standards Academic & accreditation Standards
  • Curriculum Analytics & Search Curriculum Analytics & Search
  • Classroom Management & Communication Classroom Management & Communication
  • Calendar & Deadlines Calendar & Deadlines
  • Student Portfolio Student Portfolio
  • Service Learning & PBL Service Learning & PBL
  • Online Assessment Online Assessment
  • Gradebook Gradebook
  • Report Cards Report Cards
  • Attendance Attendance

IB Programme

Designed for the modern International School.

Cambridge Programme

Designed for the modern International School.

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American Programme

Designed for the modern International School.

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ManageBac for Mobile

For Students, Parents, Teachers and Coordinators.

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Managebac For Mobile


Next Generation Assessment Platform For Every School

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Curriculum-First Learning Platform

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Managebac For Mobile