The International Diagnostic and Admissions Test (IDAT) is a revolutionary global test for students of all ages from around the world.

The International Diagnostic and Admissions Test (IDAT)

Curriculum Agnostic

IDAT maps to multiple international curricula including the IB, British, American, and others so that no student is favored due to where they were previously educated.

Find the Right Fit Students

IDAT provides the most comprehensive student overview of any test for international schools and helps you choose students that are the right fit for your school.

Better Support Families

The full picture of each applicant provided by the IDAT allows you to know what support students and their families will need to be successful at your school, before admitting every student.

Suitable for all ages

The IDAT test varies in complexity and format based upon age, ensuring that it can be used across your entire school. For Stage 6, IDAT also offer an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme option which goes further than the standard test by also evaluating critical thinking skills in terms of ability to analyse, reflect and express critical thought.

Year 1-2 (UK)
Kindergarten-Year 1 (USA)

Year 3-4 (UK)
Year 2-3 (USA)

Year 5-6 (UK)
Year 4-5 (USA)

Year 7-8 (UK)
Year 6-7 (USA)

Year 9-10 (UK)
Year 8-9 (USA)

Year 11-12 (UK)
Year 10-11 (USA)

Test Sections

English & ESL

English & ESL

Reading & Writing

The English curriculum for IDAT assesses grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, phonics and spelling through multiple-choice questions. The writing is conducted using a keyboard with students needing to demonstrate comprehensive English skills, text type knowledge, sentence creation and variance and appropriate register, as required of the tasks. The reading text, as appropriate to age and grade level, requires students to identify themes, details, characters, literary devices and understanding.

Speaking & Listening

The speaking and listening are assessed in an innovative method which moves away from decades old inauthentic audio scripts and instead IDAT simulates a real classroom and social environment in having students conduct a conversation with an avatar. Listening comprehension and abilities are based on students’ abilities to understand questions, listen to the avatar tell stories and being able to recount details of what is understood. The speaking element requires students to respond to relevant questions for schools to get to know a student and extended speeches which tell narratives, express point of view and show critical thought.



Students will complete between 14-24 multiple choice math questions. They will have 2-3 questions per type of math listed on the outline of the Stage test. The test includes algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics, equations, etc, and the last test comprehensively examines students mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills. For questions requiring a calculator, the calculator appears on the screen for students to use.

Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge

Global Knowledge includes four sections which assess three main outcomes. The sections are logic (including transformation, patterns, problem-solving and deductive skills), history, geography and science. The logic component helps to demonstrate a student’s cognitive strengths. The history, geography and science sections show how well the student knows certain topics from social sciences and also, as this portion of the test has study worksheets available, demonstrates how well a student can study and commit information to memory for the purposes of testing.



The character test is a positive experience for the student as they self-assess their attitudes, appetites and aptitudes in communication, creative thinking, risk-taking and collaboration. The students complete easy multiple choice and ranking activities which, when consolidated, make positive statements to help schools get to know their students and their executive skills.

OpenApply and IDAT Integration

OpenApply integrates with IDAT so your applicants can register for the IDAT test, and view the results, directly within the application checklist. This provides a seamless experience for parents as they move through your application process.

  OpenApply and IDAT Integration
Continuously Updated Test

Continuously Updated Test

Every 3 Months

Questions on the IDAT are randomised from a large pool. No student will receive the same test twice. The test is updated on a rotating basis every 3 months, so the material is always fresh, up-to-date and relevant for modern schools.

IDAT helps students to prepare so that there are no ‘unknowns’ about the test, as the IDAT seeks to accurately portray not only proficiencies but also how well a student can prepare and study for a test. As our security is onerous, we provide schools with the assurance that only the student registered to take the test is participating on test day without assistance, aid or unfair advantage.

State-of-The-Art Technology

State-of-The-Art Technology

3D Avatar Interview in English

The interview is conducted by an avatar, and the whole video will be recorded while the student answers the questions. Not only can schools get a bechmark of where the student is at compared to global curricula, but they can also get to know the student by watching the video interview and recorded talking to a digital avatar that ‘gets to know’ the student. This allows IDAT to assess speaking skills and listening comprehension while allowing the new schools to see the attitude, demeanour and energy of each student in a non-threatening environment.

State-of-The-Art Technology
Why Choose IDAT

Why Choose IDAT

The Most Comprehensive Test

For schools looking at more than language for admissions, this is the test to use. The IDAT tests English and ESL, mathematics, logic and a global knowledge component for which students can study and prepare for. In addition to this, there is a character self-assement for students which demonstrates to future schools a student’s view on such attributes as Communication, Risk-taking and Empathy.

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