The Top Admissions System to Generate Enquiries for your New School

OpenApply helps new schools connect with prospective parents through online enquiry forms and Open Day scheduling. Bulk messaging functions and robust filtering and tagging make it easy to keep new families interested and involved as you open your school.

school admissions crm centralising applicant records

Information Management

New schools need an easy way to schedule recruitment events and collect information for prospective families. OpenApply’s online event scheduling and customisable forms makes this process smooth for both parents and admissions alike.

Robust filtering, searching, and tagging helps you manage student information once the application process is complete. Granular permissions allow staff members to access the OpenApply database with all your students’ information at any time, while making sure the right people are accessing the right information.

Analytics Tracking

OpenApply provides both automated and customised solutions to organise and track all the analytics most important for a new school. Easily analyse conversion rates to discover if you’re targeting the right applicants, and customise your recruitment sources to find out where to focus your efforts to attract the families you’re looking for.

With all your data collected online, you can target your forms to collect the exact data you need in the format you need it. As your school grows you can look back at previous academic years to see year over year trends and continue improving your admissions process.

Quick & Easy Implementation

When opening a new school you’ll want to start recruiting early. OpenApply can be set up in as little as two days with the helpful guidance of our support team, available 24 hours Monday – Friday. Complimentary form building and imports means all you need to do is provide us with your information, and an account can be set up for you in no time.

Once you’ve started with the account, our support team will still be standing by to answer your questions. We are also happy to provide complimentary online trainings as your process evolves and your school goes from pre-opening to post-opening and beyond!

Other Features

Online forms

Parents can easily apply from anywhere in the world at any time using online forms in OpenApply. From applications to health forms to course selection, an unlimited number of forms can be created in OpenApply and used for any part of the application or enrolment process.

Customisable checklists

Checklists can be customised by application status and programme meaning parents are always aware of their next steps reducing time and stress in the process. Parents can upload files, schedule tours and interviews, fill forms directly from the checklist and watch as their application is completed in real time!

Event registration

Parents can easily sign up for tours and open days based on a customisable schedule removing tedious admin work from the admissions office. Track events on the admin calendar and integrate it with your personal Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook account.

Family Communication

OpenApply offers both individual and bulk email communication with families directly from the system.  Templates and multi-lingual capabilities make for a smooth and easy communication process that is transparent for all staff members involved.


OpenApply partners with popular online payment providers such as Stripe, CyberSource, and PayPal to accept online payments of application and admissions related fees in over 110 different currencies. Finance team members can access the Payments area and export reconciliation reports for smooth tracking and consolidation of information.


Robust importing and exporting features allow for easy movement of information both into and out of the system.

Customisable Landing Page

Customise your landing page with your school’s logo, pictures, and colors. Provide information relevant to your admissions process and easily integrate your page into your website via buttons, hyperlinks, and directly embedding forms.

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