Manage Admissions Online from Enquiry to Enrolment


Personally designed, online application forms are created from your current forms within 48 hours.


Centralise all applicant information online with interviews, payments & exam history.


Monitor applications, enquiry conversion and enrolment vs. capacity in real-time.


Easily schedule school tours and organise open house events.

Applicant & Family
Streamline admissions online from initial enquiry to application & enrolment.


Submit enquiries in one step, schedule a tour, RVSP for an Open-Day, access FAQs and key documents, and contact the Admissions Director. Easily embed enquiry forms on your school website as an iFrame.

Application Forms

Online application forms are fully customisable for admissions, enrolment and re-enrolment.


Applicants & families are guided through a flexible checklist process, where they are prompted to schedule a tour, confirm an interview time, submit required documents, or complete a supplementary or questionnaire form.

Real-Time Status Tracking

Track application status in real-time.

Admissions Lifecycle
Centralise applicant information in one place.

Search & Filter

Easily search & filter applicants and students by year, status, gender, tags, DOB, address, and checklist completion.

Print-Ready PDFs

Export applicant and student information to print-ready PDFs or export supplementary, enrolment, questionnaire, and re-enrolment forms.

Flexible Checklists

Customise the sequence of steps by programme & year including: To Dos, Tours, Completion, Submission, Interviews

Notifications & Emails

Personalise status notification e-mails by status: enquiry, submission of application, admission, enrolment, etc. Easily forward and bcc: e-mails and files into OpenApply with our custom dropbox functions.

Import & Export

Easily import data using CSV/Excel with unique key and overwrite ability. Define export templates flexibly and schedule recurring batch exports (e.g. to export a template every Friday at 6 am for the Finance Director).


Export print mailing lists and prepare batch emails to applicants & families using our flexible email messaging system. Personalise messages with custom fields and prompts and save message templates for future use.

Family Data Model

OpenApply is built on the single source of truth principle. This means that information entered across various stages of the admissions process remains up-to-date, accurate and in sync at all times. Together with built-in form validation, this provides a robust defense against bad data and ensures a sound database. By allowing families and staff to easily update information via any form, you can avoid versioning headaches.

What do we mean?

The best example is when families complete re-enrolment, all their historical information is pre-filled and any updates or changes flow back into the main student profile, so instead of having to complete the form from scratch, they can simply update and confirm.

Enrolment and Re-enrolment Manager
Easily track and manage re-enrolment in one central system.


The re-enrolment dashboard enables you to monitor overall re-enrolment in real-time and to bulk confirm re-enrolment for many students at once. You can easily filter re-enrolment by program or grade level to see the status of a particular cohort, or bulk re-send re-enrolment notifications via email.

Configure Forms

You can customise your enrolment and re-enrolment forms via the Forms Editor and define your enrolment and re-enrolment fees. Form fields are automatically coded so that any existing information (e.g., home address) will be pre-filled and seamlessly updated when parents enrol or re-enrol.

Define Settings

Set your enrolment and re-enrolment deadlines to fixed dates (e.g., March 15) and customise your enrolment and re-enrolment notification e-mail templates. Once you are ready to open enrolment or re-enrolment for parents, you can bulk send e-mails to all families whose children are set to Enroled status. (Note: applicants & families that have just been accepted in your current admissions period will not receive re-enrolment notifications.)

Send Forms

Once you are ready to open enrolment or re-enrolment, you can bulk send enrolment or re-enrolment emails to all families whose children are set to the Enroled status. (Note: applicants & families that have just been accepted in your current admissions period will not receive re-enrolment notifications.)

Families Confirm

Parents are sent a personalised re-enrolment email. Clicking the re-enrolment link will securely log parents into the re-enrolment form. The re-enrolment form is pre-filled with existing family information. Upon submission, family information is updated automatically on the applicant profile.

Track & Manage

Track application status in real-time.

Payment & Invoicing

Easily collect application and re-enrolment fees online.
Generate invoices, perform reconciliation and send automated invoice reminders & receipts.

Configuring Payment & Invoice Settings

Define your invoice preferences, billing currency, and payment methods:

  • Check
  • Bank
  • Credit Card
  • Cash

Set Up Your Payment Account

In order to accept credit card payments online, you will need to set up an online payment account with any of the following providers:

And others: Authorize.Net, Chase Paymentech, Planet Payment / iPay, WorldPay (XML Direct), Moneris, Network Merchants (NMI), SecureNet, Star Card, PSI Gate, Optimal Payments, Global Collect, Beanstream, AITS, Redecard (Brazil), Firstdata, Vitalpay

Manage Invoices & Payments


Generate Invoices

Set the issue date and payment amount to generate an individual invoice. Optionally send the invoice via email.


Reconcile Payments

Mark the payment method (e.g. bank transfer), payment amount and date of payment to reconcile the invoice.


Send Receipts

Once an invoice has been reconciled, you can email a PDF receipt in one click.

Conversion & Analytics
Monitor Enrolment & Admissions Statistics in Real-Time.

Enquiry Report

Provides an overview of conversion (enquiries, applications) alongside nationality & employer statistics.


Provides a point-in-time analysis of enrolment by academic year showing enroled, total confirmed (sum of confirmed & pending re-enrolment), and capacity with available seats.


Provides a table and chart view of nationalities, languages and home addresses on a map centered on the school.


Provides a table and chart view of nationalities, languages and home addresses on a map centered on the school.

Conversion Funnel

Provides a bird’s eye view of conversion by academic year along with sub-status levels (e.g. declined to enrol, with reasons).

Custom Metrics

Allows administrators to view responses for any field across all forms filtered by grade level, campus, etc.